About Us

Refreshwater is a major co, located in center of delta providing service for hole delta, from Cairo to north coast but also We take pleasure in providing our customers with superior customer service and the best prices original on water treatment, purification, and filtration products spare parts and quickest as possible.
* Big team Listening to our customers, understanding their definition of quality and exceeding their expectations
* Delivering top-quality, innovative products and services.
* we own cars to provide a quick service
* Continuously improving our processes and systems while maintaining our effectiveness of and complying with regulatory requirements 
* Our technical staff is trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment, they understand your systems needs and problems and they are more than 20 tech to cover all area

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leader in the water treatment industry providing appropriate solutions to every problem presented to us.

Our Mission

To provide superb customer service and to offer the highest quality water treatment options available. To earn the loyalty and respect of our customers and become a company that thrives on referrals. To keep up with advances in water treatment technology and to continually expand our base of knowledge and expertise. To always remain aware of our responsibility to our environment and educate our customers and staff on eco-friendly options.